• Returning Members 

Welcome back! This page is for members and wholesale vendors who were with A Nurse's Herbal Tea before we rebranded to A Nurse's Tea on 6-18-19 and launched this new site. Below are instructions on how to retain your Loyalty Club level (now called the Essiac Rewards Club) and continue to receive the same discounts. Rest assured, we securely logged all your subtotals and levels before switching over and you won't lose any progress! We thank you for your patience in this transition.

For returning members:

  • STEP 1: Find your emailed Essiac Rewards Club code

    • If you were a member of our old site, you should have received two emails on 6-18-19: one explaining our rebrand and the other giving you the code to your Essiac Rewards Club level.

    • These emails often go straight to spam, so you may want to check in your email account's spam folder if you didn't receive one. The Rewards Club email will be from A Nurse's Tea and have a title like 'Your Grizzly Bear Essiac Rewards Club 20% Discount Code is Here!'

    • If you still can't find your email, go ahead and contact us and we'll get it to you immediately. You can chat with us, message us from the Contact page, email us at anursestea@gmail.com, or call us at 855-4ESSIAC(377422).

  • STEP 2: Make your new account

    • Even though you haven't lost any progress with your Rewards gained before 6-18-19 (we securely keep track of your subtotals separately), you will need to create a new account with our new site in order to continue to take advantage of the Essiac Rewards Club program.

    • To do this, go ahead and hit the 'LOG IN!' button at the top right of our site's menu bar. It will take you to the log in page, where you'll need to hit 'Sign Up' next to 'New to this site?'

    • Fill in your information (we never share it) and create your account.

  • STEP 3: Apply your Essiac Rewards Club code to all future carts

    • Unfortunately, our system can't yet automatically apply your Rewards Club discount code to your cart quite yet (but we're working on it!). You'll need to plug your code into the Cart page each time you check out to apply the discount.

    • On the left side of your Cart page, you'll see a line called 'Apply Rewards / Wholesale Code'

    • Click this to begin entering your level's code. It's not case-sensitive. Hit apply once done.

    • Beneath shipping, you should see your discount applied to the total.

    • Once you check out while signed in, we add your subtotal to your Rewards Club progress.

    • That's it! Remember to keep a record of your code for easy application next time you check out. You can always message us if you lose or forget it and we'll get it to you immediately, no sweat.

For returning wholesale vendors:

  • If you were a wholesale vendor with A Nurse's Herbal Tea before 6-18-19, you should have received an email with instructions on buying wholesale with our new site, but if not, go ahead and contact us and we'll get you set up right away!