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Essiac Tea Brewer's Starter Kit 2

The perfect starter pack for a new essiac brewer who wants some brewed tea to get them started! Must already have the necessary tools to make your own batch afterwards.


The included brewed tea is our all organic, tried-and-true essiac blend, hand-brewed by a Registered Nurse and her family using whole sheep sorrel (roots + shoots), burdock root, slippery elm bark, and turkey rhubarb root, steeped to perfection in distilled water at our licenced commercial kitchen for over 20 years.


Includes enough brewed essiac to last 64 days if taking 2oz/day and 32 days if taking 4oz/day (morning/night). Each bottle has a shelf life of 1 year.


Herb packet consists of the same herbs used to make the included brewed tea, so you can make your own afterwards and reuse the glass bottles. Use packet within 2 years (herbs lose their potency over time).


Vacuum-seal caps are reusable.  Wash well after use.


Shot glass is exactly 2oz, perfect for measuring out tea, and includes handy instructions on the back. (NOTE: Design and brand of shot glass may change from that pictured depending on availability, but will be of equivalent quality and volume. Please inquire for more details.)


Guidebook contains brewing information (also found on our site) and handy info about essiac and A Nurse's Tea.

Essiac Tea Brewer's Starter Kit 2

    • Includes:
      • 4 32oz Bottles of brewed essiac
      • 1 Packet of dry essiac (approximately 1 gallon yield)
      • 1 2oz Shot glass
      • 1 Guidebook
    • Supplies Needed:
      • 1 2-Gallon pot
      • 1 Straining method (large tea ball, funnel + strainer combo, colander, or fine strain pot lid)
      • 1 High-temp funnel
      • 1 Tea siphon (optional)
      • (These materials can be found together in the Brewer's Pack: Bounty or separately on our store)
    • Ingredients:
      • Distilled water, Certified Organic sheep sorrel (20% root, 80% shoot), burdock root, slippery elm bark, & turkey rhubarb root
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