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• Return Policy 

• We're here to help! •

We want your order to come just as you anticipated, and if anything is amiss, let us know immediately and we'll do our best to resolve the situation.

• Replacements •

We also want you to be able to drink your tea as soon as possible and feel terrible when it arrives broken due to bumpy shipping or anything is amiss. Here are procedures for if this happens to you:

  • If bottles arrived broken: Contact us as soon as you can within 7 business days with a picture of the broken bottles sent to our email address ( or texted to our personal business phone (281-254-6283). We'll send you bottles to replace the broken ones the next business day, barring any extenuating circumstances.

  • If the order is wrong: If anything about your order arrives amiss (i.e. you ordered 2 packets but only got 1, or got a bottle instead), let us know and we'll ship the fixes the next business day.

• Refunds & Returns •

We all need refunds sometimes! We can refund your order in the following scenarios:

  1. You contact us before the order has shipped =                                                                                      Full refund of subtotal + shipping.                                                                                                    

  2. The order arrives broken or damaged and you would rather receive a refund than replacements. Please send an image of the broken or damaged product and we will refund accordingly = Refund of each individual damaged product  (plus their individual shipping costs within the order, OR full refund of the entire subtotal + shipping if all products are broken.                                                                                                                                              

  3. Your order arrived fine but you don't want it anymore.  Let us know and we will refund the subtotal amount you paid (prior to shipping costs added) =                                                      Partial refund: just subtotal, not shipping.                                                                              

  4. Your order arrived fine but you don't want it anymore, and you received free shipping on it originally for the order being over $350 or consisting only of lightweight items. In this case, we'll refund you the cost of the purchase subtotal, but you will need to pay for shipping all product back to us, otherwise we can't issue a refund =                                                               Partial refund: just subtotal, and you must send all product back to us and pay for the return shipping.

• further terms of returns & refunds •

  • A Nurse's Tea must receive a returned product (unless damaged) before a product credit will be issued.

  • Products will be shipped according to the standard methods of shipping that A Nurse's Tea has in place at the time of ordering. Please see above sections for more information.

  • If an error is present in your order, A Nurse's Tea must be notified within 30 business days of receipt of the shipment.

  • When a customer places an order online and then subsequently refuses to accept delivery of the order for reasons that are attributable to customer error, then the customer will still be assessed the full costs of shipping.

  • All returns must be pre-approved by A Nurse's Tea and received within 30 business days of authorization of the return.

  • All returned products should have a copy of the original invoice.

  • The customer is responsible for shipping costs on returned products in all applicable scenarios laid out in this policy.

  • Keep in mind that your Essiac Rewards Club discount still applies in refund situations (i.e. your refunded subtotal will still have any Essiac Rewards Club discounts applied-- Rewards Club discounts do not affect shipping costs).

           call us at 866-798-9327 

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