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  • Looking to purchase A Nurse's Tea's essiac to add to your inventory?  Fantastic! We're honored you would consider us to help spread the health benefits of essiac through to your patrons. Our wholesale vendors receive a competitive discount on bottles and packets. There's no cost at all to sign up, but you must complete the following steps in order to receive your wholesale codes & instructions:

  • STEP 1: Send an email to (or use our Contact form) asking that we tag your new account as wholesale approved. Include the following:

    • Your name, your business name, and the name of your new wholesale account

    • Verify that you are a health food store, food vendor, wellness center, healthcare practice, physicians office, etc.

    • Your website (if applicable)

    • Contact information

    • One of the following as proof of business:

      • Copy of your tax ID

      • Resale tax certificate #

      • Business license

  • STEP2: Allow up to 24 hours (or until Monday if sent on the weekend) for us to verify your business status and reply with the information you will need to complete future wholesale checkouts

  • Wholesale Terms & Perks:


      • Bottles are shipped using UPS and packets using USPS from Colorado.

      • We can use your UPS account if you wish-- just let us know in the order comments

      • The more bottles you purchase, the more you save, as UPS loves to ship heavy items and rewards with discounts


      • Valid within a 10 mile radius of Loveland, CO

      • Must be to a place of business, not a home address

      • Payment is due upon receipt of order

      • We'll do our best to deliver the business day after your order.

  • Please remember that we back our tea with a 100% quality guarantee. If there are any issues at all, let us know and we will do our best to resolve them.

  • Thanks again for choosing us! Together we can spread essiac to all who may benefit from it!

Essiac heart doodle
Essiac heart doodle
Essiac heart doodle

            call us at 1-800-843-2181

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