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Sheep Sorrel Roots in Essiac Tea
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We will be closed Thursday and Friday of this week.  UPS will not be running on Thursday and we  won't be running on both days.  Have a safe, stress-free time this week!

This is the time of year when weather impacts the bottles.  Because the tea has no preservatives, the bottle will freeze and break if not taken into a safe place.  Try and order the beginning of the week so that the bottle won't find itself not moving at all in a cold trailer every Sunday. BBBRRRRRRRR!

We have a new phone number!  It is 720-316-5978.  All other numbers work still, but there is a glitch in their voicemail capability.

Please do not give out your loyalty code except for SUNBEAR.  It could cause a cancellation of an order.  Thanks!


Remember that when you order more, the cost per bottle goes down dramatically when you factor in the shipping.  For example, 1 qt is approximately $32/bottle but ordering 3 qts would be approximately $25/bottle.

Log in issues:  We are aware of the problems with logins in terms of the system not recognizing you.  Don't worry, if you get that unkind message, just ignore it and continue on as a guest.  The loyalty program points are added up in a different program, so rest assured, you will be credited your bear points.  If you need our help, please contact us and we will fix the problem for you immediately.

“Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.”  
~B.K.S. Iyengar

• Why A Nurse's Tea? •

An icon of a bottle of superior essiac
An icon of 25 years experience brewing essiac
An icon showing quality and price
An icon of a bear showing honesty and love

• superior essiac •

  • Rene Caisse's original, historic formula

  • Real sheep sorrel roots   (15-20% root to shoot)​​

  • High quality, American-sourced, organic herbs

  • Hand-mixed, loose-leaf blend to ensure proper decoctive nutrient release

• years experience 

  • Brewed by a Registered Nurse & her family in a licensed, commercial kitchen since 1996

  • Thousands of happy customers worldwide

  • A community of enduring patrons

• quality & price 

  • Free shipping on subtotals over $300
    & dry tea orders

  • Fine herbs, a meticulous brewing process, & safe, fast shipping

  • Essiac priced to give you the highest quality tea using premium equipment at an affordable cost

• honesty & love 

  • 100% transparency!  No  lies or misinformation

  • Our goal is to help create a healthier world through teas we love

  • Eco-friendly focus:

    • Glass bottles

    • Recycled + recyclable materials

    • Low impact kitchen

Why A Nurse's Tea?
Herbs used in Essiac Tea
A Family Brewery
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Questions or Comments? Let's connect!
Call toll free: (800)843-2181 (has voice Mail)
Or  (720)316-5978 
The best way to get an answer quickly if the phone is not answered is to use the contact us page or email us.  We monitor the inbox frequently.  Thank you!

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