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NEWS  3/6/2023

  • Log in issues:  We are aware of the problems with logins in terms of the system not recognizing you.  Don't worry, if you get that unkind message, just ignore it and continue on as a guest.  The loyalty program points are added up in a different program, so rest assured, you will be credited your bear points. 


  •  "If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant".   To our special people who live in really, really cold climates:   This is the time we will have to add heat packs to the bottled tea because if the bottle freezes and thaws without a pack, the bottle will burst.  Please, if any bottles break, take a picture, send it to me and I will gladly replace it.

  • Also, we need to plan when to ship yours because if the shipment is going to arrive the following week, it will freeze while not moving during the weekend.  I manage every single delivery, so rest assured, I will do my best to send your package at the appropriate time.  If the delay is too long, I typically upgrade the shipping cost at my expense so that you won't be out of tea.