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Hi there!   We began this sale to help those people who are losing income or jobs due to COVID19.  We researched the states that were most affected and are going down the list (it's not perfect, but we will be eventually including each state).  Due to our tight budget, if we allowed all our patrons to use the discount simultaneously, we would have a tough time replenishing supplies (which are harder to procure at the moment) and staying afloat overall. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this very concerning time and we wish you much health and safety. Please make use of the discount when your state comes up and visit our National Sale page for more info. Also, check out the WHO's handy public health information page as well:

To your health and safety,

-Chris, Jack, & Griff

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• superior essiac •

  • Rene Caisse's original, historic formula

  • Real sheep sorrel roots (20% root to shoot)​​

  • High quality, American-sourced, organic herbs

  • Hand-mixed, loose-leaf blend to ensure proper decoctive nutrient release

• years experience 

  • Brewed by a Registered Nurse & her family

  • Thousands of happy customers worldwide

  • A community of enduring patrons

• quality & price 

  • Free shipping on subtotals over $300
    & dry tea orders

  • Fine herbs, a meticulous brewing process, & safe, fast shipping

  • Essiac priced to give you the highest quality tea using premium equipment at an affordable cost

• honesty & love 

  • No shams, no lies, no superstition

  • Our goal is to help create a healthier world through teas we love

  • Eco-friendly focus:

    • Glass bottles

    • Recycled + recyclable materials

    • Low impact kitchen

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